Unfounded fears can sabotage your life by keeping you from achieving your dreams and meeting goals.

It’s one of the most common reasons that people don’t succeed in business – or in life.

Fears that are unfounded – or have no merit – never happen. It’s simply negative self-talk that can make you anxious and keep you from trying new things or succeeding in what you set out to do.

Saul Maraney

There are bound to be red flags which can trigger fear.

Decreasing sales, lack of money to meet expenses, a poor review and other business downers can make even the strongest of entrepreneurs cringe.

Those fears can become a reality unless you take action to turn things around.

When sales are down, brainstorm about how you can bring them up.

If you get a poor review, figure out how you can make things right with that customer.

There’s always a way to turn things around.

Some people allow fears of being made fun of – or being looked upon as stupid – stop them from ever enjoying online success.

Saul Maraney

You’re not online to be in a beauty pageant.

You’re here to lead people with advice, so make sure if you adopt a mindset of fear, that it’s legitimate.

When you make a decision to NOT take action to alleviate these fears, you’re choosing to let those fears come true.

It’s a decision that will haunt you and your business for a very long time and may even result in your demise.

Whether you’re just starting your business or taking it to the next level, fear can be your worst enemy if you let it happen.

For example, you may fear that your new idea – or next idea – won’t be well-received by your audience.

One way to alleviate that fear is to build excitement before a launch or announcement.

Ask for feedback along the way so you’ll know what your customers are looking for and you’ll be more confident in the outcome.

Saul Maraney

If you’ve planned your short and long term goals effectively, you should be able to move from one accomplishment to another with confidence and knowledge – two surefire ways to combat fear.

When you have unfounded fears that are holding you back in business, remember why you started the business and think about the passion you once had.

Sometimes it’s necessary to renew the focus that once spurred you on by reliving those first exhilarating times of meeting your goals and the feelings of success.

Fears that lack a basis for existing can tear apart the foundation of a business – or a life.

Beware of the unfounded fears that you have from time to time and don’t let them hang around.

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