The Internet technology of tomorrow may save us all from a downward turn in the economy.

Job creation through the Internet won’t simply be online entrepreneurial jobs, but industry jobs that the Internet will spill into in the coming years.


The Internet is poised to make giant headways into all sorts of industries including energy, transportation and manufacturing.

Productivity will increase and new products and ways to do things will arise that take the guesswork out of many time-consuming tasks.

The greatest impact of the Internet will be increasing productivity growth, especially in areas of health care.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be able to cater to the needs of those flooding online for answers and remedies.


Management will become more efficient with online resources and supply chains will also experience enhanced performances.

You can be a part of this structure as an entrepreneur, whether it’s motivating people in performance or being the go to resource for supplies.

Studies from global economy leaders indicate that the Internet will be the key component to propel the growth of societies, businesses and the ecosystem.

The Internet, according to these studies, has only begun to help the world create a climate of evolution and growth.

Saul Maraney

You can help bridge the gap when it comes to people lacking information about how to form relationships with others, how to thrive with their garden and help the earth, or how to succeed in their own business ventures.

One sector of the economy sure to benefit by the impact of the Internet is the automobile industry.

More can be accomplished to make automobiles safer and more fuel efficient by using the Internet to solve existing problems and catch others before they happen.

Financial services, retailing and the trucking industry will also experience growth as productivity and availability increase.

Companies will be encouraged to use new methods of productivity that comes from IT and the Internet.

Saul Maraney

The cost of transactions that produce goods and services will be reduced – as will the cost of distributing them.

Companies will be able to communicate and manage supply chains more effectively and that will increase competition.

The inconvenience of distance will become a thing of the past as the Internet helps to link companies and people in enterprises of global interest.

No longer will consumers be limited in a product or service simply because it originates from across the globe.

Many people think the Internet has run its course of usefulness, but the truth is that it’s only in its infancy.

During the coming years and decades, the Internet will have an impact on our economy that will ensure jobs for people and food on the table – and as an online entrepreneur, you’ll be a part of that structure that enables the growth.

Saul Maraney

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