Did you know that your enjoyment of being a social butterfly on the Internet could be a possible way to bring in an unexpected and welcomed income?

Right now, there are almost two billion people on social media.

Even businesses are using these social sites to their advantage.

It may sound far-fetched to think you could actually make money doing what you love, but there are many who are earning a great income on social networking sites.

Saul MaraneyIt gives you a platform to do what you enjoy and lots of people to see and experience it.

For example, if you love to cook, you can do it in social media like YouTube videos or Instagram – and grab quite a following of those who also love to cook and learn.

You might even find a cook wear or food brand that will sponsor you on social media sites.

The way it works is that certain brands pay to be associated with what you’re doing and featuring.

You may have to build a name for yourself before the major brands will go with you, but it’s also a good way to feature their products.

Advertisements are also popular ways to monetize social media sites.

Sau MaraneyYou can use YouTube for ads and get aid every time someone views the video.

You can build up a list of followers on social networks and direct them to your product’s website to purchase products or courses.

Social media provides the showcase to allow your products, talents or services to be seen.

Thanks to social media and the millions of active users, you can expand those who visit your site and reach tons more people than you would without it.

You’ll want to be active on as many social media platforms as possible.

Twitter and Facebook can be used on a regular basis to enhance your online visibility and blogs can also be used to let people know what you’re all about and create a long list of followers.

Many artists and designers use social media successfully to illustrate their talents.

Posting photographs, fashion designs and art on sites like Instagram and Pinterest may attract buyers who can use your talent for their own product or service.Saul Maraney

Much of using social media correctly means that you must schedule it at times when most traffic occurs.

You’ll also need to scrutinize what readers respond to and what they pass up.

Learning how to use social media effectively to make a name for yourself can greatly boost your income and fun on the ‘net.

The viral nature of social networks also means your loyal fans will do much of the work for you when it comes to advertising and promotions.

Saul Maraney

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