If you took the time to figure out just how much it’s costing you to go to work each day, you might get the shock of your life.

In fact, you may discover that you’re almost breaking even.

There are many factors involved in assessing how much it’s costing you to work.


There are direct costs such as gas for the car, wardrobe and child care. Indirect costs might include the food you purchase to save time – such as take-out and pre-packaged items.

Assessing the costs of working also involves the type of job you have.

If you have a job at a day care center, you may be able to take your small child to work.

A highly visible career such as a receptionist for a large corporation must dress the part and rarely has flexibility in his or her schedule.

Commuting to work and child care are two of the largest expenses in going to work.

These two expenses can cut almost a third of your salary before the remainder makes it home with you.

Because of the escalating costs of going to work, many have resorted to part time jobs to make ends meet.

Also, more are clamoring to work from home.

Saul Maraney

Some large corporations have found ways to help their employees cut down on expenses by letting them work from home two or three days per week.

Most of us hang on to jobs because we want to be able to afford more for our families – a nicer home, cars and luxuries that make life worth living.

But, the reality is that going to a job may not be worth the hassle for the actual amount you’re bringing home.

The best way to find out if your take home pay is providing what it should for you and your family is to take an honest look at your financial situation from every aspect – including the direct and indirect expenses, your satisfaction with your job and what you can cut out or cut down to bring in more income.

Take a look at how you can cut down on the indirect expense such as buying coffee on the way to work or wearing designer clothing to work.Saul Maraney

After carefully examining your financial work situation, you may decide that life would be better and less hassle if you try and find a less demanding job.

One of the fastest growing work-related fields is online entrepreneur.

You don’t have to know much about technology these days to become an online business owner.

Many are turning to the Internet for jobs that don’t drain the pocketbook, but provide a good income and the opportunity to become your own boss.

Saul Maraney

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