11 Bite Sized Tips To Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates

11 Bite Sized Tips To Boost Your Website's Conversion Rates

Having a website these days can be challenging.

There are customers to keep happy, advertising to do, and of course security to maintain in order to protect the integrity of the site and your customers.

With all of the important steps involved to make sure your business website is a success, conversion rates should be taken into account.

So what is a conversion rate?

Essentially, a conversion rate is the number of visits or “hits” you receive on your website that change over, or convert to, a sale. For example, if your site were to get 100 visits in one week and one person made a sale, you’d have a 1% conversion rate.

Effective advertising is important in ensuring a higher conversion rate.

Making sure your website is noticed and that the product you’re selling is very clear is essential to success.

Getting the hits is important, but finalizing that sale is even more important.

A good website that does a lot of business is much more involved than many people might think.

A lot of factors go into ensuring that visitors click on and then actually buy items they see.

There are many things you can do to get the most conversion rates possible which means those website views and random clicks actually turn into cold, hard cash (otherwise known as sales).

Here are 11 helpful tips to ensure that your website’s hits and simple clicks and visits turn into actual sales.

1. Color is important:

Be sure you choose an appealing color theme for your website.

This should be universal throughout the site, and look appealing to the eye. Psychologically speaking, colors really do influence how people perceive things.

Do a little bit of research and look for colors that will go with your overall business type and the attitude you’re trying to project.

This is not limited to just the font and background colors. It also applies to graphics and wallpaper that you might use on the website.

In some cases, white is better so decide which pages need extra background color and which ones do not.

2. Logos say it all:

When you create your website, think about a company logo first and foremost. This logo will be an absolutely invaluable part of your conversion rates.

Good company and website logos enhance the feel of your site, and create brand recognition.

When people recognize the brand or product because of your logo, the odds are they will have better faith in your goods and services, which results in a sale.

3. Make the website easy to use:

Be sure your website is easy to navigate.

Divide the site into sections and make each page look professional.

People will want to buy your products only if they get a complete description of them. Otherwise, they may shy away and turn to another site.

4. Shopping carts should be easy to use:

Choose your shopping cart software carefully.

Include an area for promotional codes, sales tax, and make choosing shipping options easy.

This really helps so that customers can see the total amount of their order before they check out, and can easily add or delete items from their cart as they shop around.

5. Security is number one:

Ensure that your website’s SSL Certificate is up to date.

The small lock at the bottom of the website ensures people that you are secure and that their information is completely safe.

This will not only instill confidence in the visitors, but will protect you from liability in any potential cases of fraudulent activity.

6. Headlines, headlines, headlines:

The headline of your site is usually the first thing people see when they click on the home page.

You want the headline to be catchy and something they will easily pass on to other people.

Make sure the headline is snappy, intelligent, and unique to your site.

7. Incentives help increase conversions:

Tantalize people with free gifts, or free months’ supplies of your products can help convert that hit over to a sale.

Free shipping, or a coupon code that allows for a certain percentage off of their total purchase are also both good incentives to offer.

These encourage people to buy something since they get a freebie or a discount so they can save money.

In today’s economy, free shipping is a huge bonus and will almost always encourage sales.

8. Affiliate programs work:

Choose a good affiliate program.

Affiliate programs offer people incentives for directing visitors to your site in order to get sales.

The affiliate can get revenue from the sale, free products, or other things that will get them to promote the website.

Strong affiliates are vital for launching your own products.

Remember to keep in touch with your affiliates on a regular basis and encourage them to promote for you!

Affiliates can do wonders for your business, so c ome up with a good template that affiliates can use to publish on their own websites and include in their own emails.

9. Customer service can keep them coming back for more:

Be sure you offer thorough and efficient customer service.

People will not return and will tell others about the website if they are not receiving top notch customer service.

This includes technical support as well.

Make sure you are able to answer all customer questions and help people in a timely manner so they will want to buy from your website.

People who get less than stellar service often never return.

10. Make your return policy clear:

Customers want to know they have 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and that they can return items they are not happy with.

Be sure your return policy is very clear and shown somewhere where people can easily find it.

Some customers will not make an online purchase if they are not assured that it can be returned.

11. Privacy is important:

Aside from the return policy, you also need to include a good privacy policy.

Make sure people know their information is protected and will not be sold to a third party.

A privacy policy should be easy to find and easy to read. You can use several different templates, as long as the company name is changed, and you revamp some sections of it to fit your business.


If you even use just a few of the tips listed here, you’re well on your way to getting a higher conversion rate.

Please remember that just a few changes can do wonders for the sales rate of your website.

By trying new things, making needed changes, and testing your results, you will be on the fast track to getting sales you expect and deserve.

Look at your data on a daily basis so you can get a feel for what customers are thinking. It also allows you understand the things that are working as well as the things that are not.

Never be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to having your own Internet business.

New ideas are what make people successful, and what makes them stick out to customers.

Know what you want, and have a goal in mind.

By writing up a mission statement and creating a realistic goal, you will have a prize to keep your eyes on.

This helps to encourage success, boost confidence, and help you to continue on. Also, if you decide to hire people such as Live Chat operators or telephone customer service reps, be sure you’re using the best people possible.

All of the elements shown here have an impact on how your conversion rate will do.

By implementing a few changes, you will be amazed at how you can turn people who just click on the site for a quick look into people who actually buy the things you’re selling.

A few small changes as well as constant and thorough testing should bring some awesome results, as well as the money you expect when you own your own business.

Patience is the key, as well as creativity, and a great looking website.



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